Page Plus

Valentine's Special: Free month on the $39.95 plan or a major discount on higher plans with the purchase of a SIM card, for new activations only! 

Page Plus is a very economical no contract phone service that has plans as low as $12 per month that uses the largest network in the US! This service can be used with any Verizon phone.

Here are the Page Plus plans: 

• $12.00 plan with 250 Minutes, 250 Messages & 10 mb of data (This plan is just for 3G phones)
• $29.95 Plan with 1500 minutes, Unlimited Messages & 1 GB of data up 4G LTE Speeds
• $39.95 Unlimited Talk/Text/Data Plan with 1.5 GB of data up to 4G LTE Speeds then 2G once 4G Limit reached for the month
• $55.00 Unlimited Talk/Text/Data Plan with 5GB of data at 4G LTE speeds, then 2G
• $69.95 Unlimited Talk/Text/Data Plan with 7GB Data at High speeds (4G LTE) then 2G

Starting with the $29.95 plan you get unlimited International Texting and $10 in International Call Credit (select destinations only).

Pay As You Go:

• 10 Cents per Minute:  $10.00 / 100 Minute Refill Card (Good for 120 Days)
• 6 Cents per Minute:  $25.00 / 400 Minute Refill Card (Good for 120 Days)
• 5 Cents per Minute:  $50.00 / 1000 Minute Refill Card (Good for 120 Days)
• 4 Cents per Minute:  $80.00 / 2000 Minute Refill Card  (Good for 1 YEAR/365 Days)

If you already have a qualifying phone, which would be any Verizon phone give us a call to switch to a Page Plus plan.

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