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Dual or Nano SIM
Dual or Nano SIM

T- Mobile SIM Card/ +1 Month of Service

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T-Mobile Dual SIM Card or Nano SIM with one month of service

Dual SIM is for phones using a mini or micro SIM card. The micro SIM is embedded in the mini SIM, please be aware which card your phone needs before removing the SIM from the larger card.

Nano SIM is for iPhone 5 and other phones which require the Nano. 

Simply order and we'll activate your plan as soon as you've let us know that you've received the card and are ready to put or already have your SIM card in your phone. You have purchased your plan at a discount through our site, please email or call us only for the activation. This discount is through our site and company only. We save your SIM card number to make your activation simple. After your initial month you may purchase refills from us directly or any other T-Mobile dealer you wish. For convenience we can put you on Auto-renew upon request.

T- Mobile Unlimited Plans:

Here is information on the T-Mobile plans, we use this service ourselves on our Nexus 5 phones

T-Mobile has two types of prepaid plans. The one with the most features is Simple Choice. The special features on these plans start with the $65 plan that comes with 6GB of data.

It also includes Data Stash, where you roll your unused 4G LTE data into the next month — choose 6GB or 10GB data options to get it!

It also includes Unlimited music streaming on services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more that doesn’t count against your 4G LTE data plus Binge On unlimited video streaming on services such as Netflix, Hulu and several others.

Simple Choice also includes unlimited calling to and from Canada and Mexico and International texting anywhere. Add other International service options for $10.

Also Family Plans: LIMITED TIME DEAL: Get 4 phone lines with 6GB of LTE data per line for only $120/mo. That’s $30/line! Contact [email protected] for more info on Family Plans.

Simple Choice T- Mobile Unlimited Plans:

$50 Unlimited Talk/Text & Data with 2 GB of data at high speeds 4G LTE

$65 Unlimited Talk/Text & Data with 6 GB of data at high speeds 4G LTE

$80 Unlimited Talk/Text & Data with 10 GB of data at high speeds 4G LTE

$95 Unlimited Talk/Text & Data with unlimited data at high speeds 4G LTE, use as a wifi hot spot for up to 14GB of this.

Simply Prepaid is a more economical choice. Add $5 to the $40 plan and up to get unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico.

It now includes Data Maximizer which optimizes streaming video for mobile viewing, allowing your data to last up to three times longer and Music Unlimited, Unlimited music streaming on top services without using your data on our network. For $40/mo. and above plans.

Talk and Text is unlimited on these plans and data goes the amount allotted to each plan.

$40 Unlimited Talk/Text with 3 GB of data 4G LTE

$50 Unlimited Talk/Text with 5 GB of data 4G LTE

$60 Unlimited Talk/Text with 10 GB of data 4G LTE